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How to Use Wax Melts: a Simple Process w/ Video Tutorial

Deciding to launch with wax melts in our Signature Experience Set was a very purposeful decision for us. We wanted our potential customers to experience the beautiful fragrances that we created with world-class perfumers while still being able to infuse the technology that helps to reduce common household smells like pet odors, kitchen smells, smoke-related, and most importantly, cannabis-related smells. 

Right after we launched, all of our friends & family asked us “How do we use wax melts?”. It seemed to be a question that needed a very simple tutorial. 

In short, a candle warmer or diffuser (either manual or electric) would help to warm up the wax melt enough for you to experience the scent. 

Step 1: Unbox our Signature Experience Set

Step 2: Choose the fragrance you want to sample from the three: Cannatonic, Forbidden Fruit, Incense & Pepper

Step 3: Pop the wax melt out of the container (break it into smaller pieces if you have a small diffuser)

Step 4: Plug in or light your tea light on your candle warmer / diffuser, and watch the wax melt warm up slowly.

Step 5: Enjoy the fragrance!

In case, you wanted to see it all in action, just visit us on our Instagram here for a full video tutorial! 

Light it up!


Gena & Marlene