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Launch Day & All the Feelings

Launch day was a surreal experience for us both. For one, it was a huge moment! Our baby has launched. It is out there in the world. What a relief. The outpouring of support from our family & friends has been astronomical and it really makes us grateful. On the other hand, it was an extremely scary experience because it was finally out there in the world and we needed to get people other than our friends & family to support us. 

Being able to sell so much of our sample sets in the first week of launch both validated our concept for this brand and also that we were on the right track from the very beginning. The responses from people who discovered our brand “in the wild” have been so gratifying to read because they would tell us that this was something they have been looking for from a brand and that they’re excited to try it out. 

Seeing so many people post and tag us unboxing their package on Instagram makes us emotional seeing all of the hard work we put into creating a product being used in people’s homes & spaces. We hope it touches many lives as our brand continues to grow! 

We’d love to hear from you & get your thoughts, please email us here with your thoughts.


Gena & Marlene