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Our Co-Founder's Journey: Learning the Pivot & Crowdfunding as Women of Color

As we've mentioned in our previous post here, raising capital as women of color has been challenging and not the easiest road to be on. 

Running a small business is exciting but has its ups and downs, and the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to pivot extensively. As they say, there is POWER in the PIVOT. While we successfully sold out of our wax melts, we have encountered additional hurdles out of our control that have limited our access to capital; and therefore prevented us from making the large investments needed to continue to grow the business.

As another way to PIVOT, we decided to partner up with female-focused fundraising platform, iFundWomen, to launch our campaign to raise the funds needed to continue our plans to bring our collection of beautiful home fragrances combining scent and science to market.

The funds raised will be used to launch the production run of our candle inventory, marketing to our new and existing customers and any additional funds will go towards development of our future fragrance innovations.

If you want to support us, please do so here:

We really appreciate it!