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Our Co-founders' Journeys: Starting a Brand Amidst a Global Pandemic

When we first decided to launch this brand, we never in a million years (as I am sure everyone else in the world) thought that we would have to deal with the consequences of a global pandemic. When the virus first hit China and the news spread about cities being on lockdown, our first thought was legitimately, “Oh sh*t”. Much of our componentry is sourced from China. 

Not going to lie, our launch was pushed back a few times due to:

  • The Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown measures put in place after the Chinese holidays; our vendors did not get back into factories & offices until at least early April
  • After China started opening back up, the US started going into lockdown which affected all of the offices and vendors we dealt with domestically. 

The pandemic has introduced so many hurdles that we needed to overcome; both personally and professionally. One of us experienced loss to Covid-19 and we both witnessed how this virus impacted our own physical and mental health; the health of people globally; jobs, and families. To add more mental pain and anguish, the murder of George Floyd. More tears and frustration about another black person murdered; systemic racism; unconscious bias; microaggressions…the list goes on.

It took some time for us to get to a point where we were confident that we would be able to launch at all. While we were at home, we managed to keep the everyday fear and anxiety somewhat at bay and took the time to pivot and refine our brand, as well as the direction we were moving in. 

Stores are closed, we are all anxious and afraid, and everyone who had the privilege was working from home. It’s incredible how the purpose of the home has changed drastically in a span of a few months. What was once an environment to come home to after a long day at work, or a reprieve from taking care of toddlers now has to serve multiple purposes: home office, home gym, daycare center, home spa, sleep environment, and restaurant. In a dense environment like NYC, where “homes” sometimes are the size of a broom closet, it is hard to be confined in the same four walls for months on end. 

We asked, how do we let people get a taste of our brand and try our products out in the comfort of their homes? That is how we came up with the idea for our first product drop, our Signature Experience Set. A set of our core collection in a wax melt form so that you are able to both test out our fragrances & the technology we’ve infused into the fragrances. Luckily, we were able to have the sets manufactured once the lockdown lifted in many states. 

Truthfully, this has been a scary uphill struggle. But the excitement we have about the products that we have worked SO hard to develop for you, has kept us going through it all. We can’t wait for you to elevate your space and elevate your mood with our home Fragrances for High Maintenance.


Gena & Marlene