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Our Co-founders' Journeys: Starting a Brand from the Ground Up Together

The inspiration behind starting 024 began with a seemingly innocent conversation with a friend. It was a discussion around cannabis, the legalization of cannabis in New York, and what that would mean for the lives of New Yorkers -- to the ones who indulge (either frequently or not) and the ones who observed & occasionally felt inundated by the herby smell from their neighbors & friends in private social gatherings. 

For one of us who didn’t indulge in cannabis but we had friends who did, the smell didn’t bother her but it wasn’t her favorite. For the other, it was wanting to claim a semblance of privacy (your business is your own) while living in an apartment complex. No matter how much she took precautions, the smell still wafted down her hallway from indulging neighbors and into her apartment.

This brand was born from a sense of need. The need for our home, sanctuary, and peaceful oasis to always fully represent us and how we want it to smell. On one hand, those nosy neighbors are kept from wondering about our daily activities because you know what, they don’t need to know. On the other, it was also the freedom of opening up our windows in humid New York summer to enjoy the air without having it polluted by unwanted smells of a neighbor’s indulgence. Two sides of the same coin. 

As a brand, we aspire to build an elevated life - a life that allows you to choose to live freely in the way you want to. To live without stigma but also to live with the freedom knowing you have a choice to allow your home to have the signature smell you want.

We are so excited to launch this brand. We’ve worked so hard on the technical formulation to make sure that it really works and we also wanted to infuse our ethos into this brand. A brand of no judgment, only joy. 

We are so excited to have you all join us on this journey in building something really dope and also something that really works. We took all of the guesswork out and left only the cool bits in. 


Gena & Marlene