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PART 2 for Canntonic: SPOTIFY x 024 x ANTHONY BABER

Cannatonic is all about keeping things cool and casual. You’re not trying to do too much, but you’re still gonna do more than nothing. Get yourself some fresh juice or a smoothie and tap into that maximum relaxation. The vibes are all jazzy and funky, but it goes broad on the influences, whether it’s jazz fusion pioneer Lonnie Liston Smith or Korean indie rock crew Hyukoh.

If you’re not so content with spending time in your head and letting the visions come to you, you’ve got to have the right accessories in place. A collection of band posters, featuring the artists you’ve seen, the ones you want to see, and those you hope to catch in your dreams will transport you to that live music venue that you desperately miss. Perhaps that would include some classic Steely Dan or the stirring synthpop of Future Islands (I know I’m not the only one obsessed with Samuel T. Herring’s voice).

If you’re trying to get busy with your hands, make sure you can work some color into those activities as well. Break out the tie-dye kit to revive that old white t-shirt or work with some clay that you can paint and design later. This demands production in an ambient R&B space, like an early Mount Kimbie cut or a collaboration between The Internet and Mac Miller.

If you’ve been watching more anime recently, you might be feeling that urge to start studying Japanese on the side. So, of course, you can enhance your exposure with some light Japanese rock from Fishmans and Shintaro Sakamoto.

But at some point, you’re gonna roll one (or another one) and that’s why you love that smooth and woozy type of R&B with the sultry vocals and rap-sung delivery. Groovy vibes can be found across the board with Jhene Aiko, Greentea Peng, and you even get Syd and Sampha flexing on a duet via Everything is Recorded.

ANTHONY BABER is a contributing writer & releasing a playlist a week for 024 until the end of the month. He is an avid talker, sometimes writer, and semi-professional music nerd. Find him and follow him at @AstronautJonez 

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