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Incense & Pepper

You’re in a hustling and bustling marketplace, meandering here and there, surrounded by exotic spices, heady woods, and vintage leather. Everywhere you go you’re tantalized by the aromas around you. Let Incense & Pepper take you there. 
Key Ingredients:
Black Pepper, Black Leather, Frankincense 
Product Features

35 hour burn time
Soy & Paraffin Wax Blend
7 oz. (198g)
H: 3.54in x W: 3.23in


A secret formula
Our fragrances are formulated to reduce lingering odors, shut out rude reminders and bring in good times. (Especially useful for our friends that are 420-friendly.)


A designer experience
We’ve worked with the best perfumers in the world to create exclusive scents that are delicious, captivating, and immersive — you know, all the good adjectives in the dictionary.

Inside the Scent
Black Pepper
Black Pepper
Fresh, tingly, sharp, delightful.
Black Leather
Vintage, warm, sophisticated. Like your favorite leather purse.
Woody, spicy with a fruity nuance.

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