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How to Create Fragrances 101

We wanted to share our inspiration behind how we ended up with our three core fragrances: Cannatonic, Forbidden Fruit, and Incense & Pepper

We were inspired by moods with a hint of numerology. How does that translate into fragrances? We knew we wanted three distinct directions for our collection.  The first a little more soft, the second being a blend between spicy and sweet and the last being super sexy and dark.

For Cannatonic, we were inspired by softness & coziness. We asked ourselves, what were the ingredients and notes that could bring out those feelings? We imagined ourselves in a cabin in the woods taking refuge from the craziness of city life. We were also inspired by our name. 024. We wanted to take elements of it and infuse it into our first collection. Zero is a number of infinite possibilities and openness. Our mental cabin in the woods allowed our minds to dive into exploring the possibilities of our future and what our brand could become. To help us get into that mood of meditation in the woods wrapped up in cozy blankets, we combined Cedar Wood for that woody forest freshness with some Creamy Leather because who doesn’t enjoy some reading and meditative time on our favorite leather couches?

For Forbidden Fruit, we wanted to infuse the duality that the number two gave us. As two female minority co-founders, this fragrance in particular was an ode to our partnership and collaboration in an industry where we do not see people like us at the table. We are sweet but also a little spicy. There is harmony in opposing forces. For us, finalizing this fragrance was the hardest because we wanted to make sure that the balance between the sweet and spicy didn’t overpower one another. We landed on Rose Petals – a scent that has been historically associated with femininity and spiced it up with Black Currant Buds – a light fruit with a tart edge. The scent to bind it altogether was Cardamom Leaves – something down to earth and subtle.

Finally, our last but one of our favorite scents to create – Incense & Pepper. This was one of our favorites because the number four indicates stability and foundation. There is a solid strength to this number and we wanted our brand to be built on a foundation that lasted. This was going to be our darkest and sexiest fragrance because who doesn’t love a strong foundation? We started with Black Pepper because it’s so sharp, tingly and fresh. We tempered it with a bit of Black Leather to add some warmth and sophistication and ended the fragrance with some woody spicy Frankincense to create a powerful fragrance packing a punch.

We hoped this inspired you and gave you a little peek behind the curtains on how fragrance collections are created!


Marlene & Gena