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Our Brand, Simply Put

The 024 life is designed to transform your space and encourage indulging in a more elevated life, however you choose to define it. 

We don’t just make fragrances, but more than that, it’s the sensory experience we’re after, the transformative kind that’ll let you breathe easy, despite all of life’s stresses.

We’re big on joy, without the judgement.

So whether you’re aroma aficionados, cannabis culturists, or just brand experientialists, we believe you deserve an enlightened experience. 

So go ahead, indulge and light it up.

Let's Get Personal

We’re Gena and Marlene,  two friends who love chilling out and supporting our community. We came together to create 024, to pioneer a new way of living moving forward.

Do we even like fragrances?

Our first mutual love is for fragrance. We created and designed beautiful scents for those moments when life requires a little elevation. We spent over a year testing scents, experimenting with waxes and working with a team of technology gurus creating the perfect combination of fine fragrances and odor elimination technology.

Why did we take a simple thing like a candle and turn it into rocket science?

Because, why not have a candle that gets rid of the odors we don’t want in our lives? Like we keep saying, we make products to help you live high maintenance. For us that means two things: addressing a certain level and taste for an elevated life, while also making indulging (420-friendly or otherwise) less stigmatized for everyone involved. Whichever way you define it, we think you deserve it. That required a bit of rocket science.

What’s next after fragrances?

We have big plans for 024 but we aren’t limiting ourselves to just fragrance. We love beauty and fashion as well, so who knows. Stay tuned and keep visiting us for exciting updates!