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We just launched our crowdfunding campaign on iFundWomen. There are tons of fun rewards for supporting us, including a Year of Candles & the change to design your own fragrance that we will launch as limited edition fragrance next season! Please consider supporting us in this leg of our #smallbusiness journey! ❤️ 

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Elevate yourself. Elevate your mind. Elevate your life.

Discover how 024 can elevate your life. Be it at home, your place of work, or the melding of the two, we offer products designed for indulging in a more elevated life, however you choose to define it. 

No judgment, only joy.

Fragrance for High Maintenance

Introducing the first 024 product drop—fragrances made to transform your mind and space. We've all been spending more time at home. Meet the fragrant wax melts specially formulated to alter your space by reducing common odors such as pet, kitchen and tobacco-smoke. We are also especially useful for eliminating 420-related odors. 


We named ourselves 024 by taking the wildly popular 420 terminology and reverse lingering odors including cannabis smoke.


We don't believe in letting a little smoke divide us. It's time to clear the air and live in a judgment-free world where we are all entitled to relax, however we choose to define it. We create products designed to elevate your mood, your day, your life. Our brand mission is to redefine wellness and lifestyle through purposeful products designed to provide an elevated state of mind - be it at home, at work, or the melding of the two.

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