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Our Co-founders' Journeys: Take a Mental Vacation

We are not going to lie, building a business from the ground up is no easy feat. One of us has done it multiple times, and the other is on her inaugural start-up journey. It requires blood, sweat, tears. It requires hours of working out the small little details. We are two people but 15 departments all at once. It really never ends - we are always pushing towards a new goal. 

There is a stereotype of having to burn the midnight oil every day in order to feel like a legitimate start-up founder. We’re here to say, “Yes, work hard. But also take time to slow down & smell something great”. This means that you can work many hours to answer emails, design the website, and take calls with investors but knowing the boundaries between work and play are also important. It’s time to remember that when launching a business, your personal life doesn’t stop & it shouldn’t. 

Take a mental vacation. Block out time to meditate for 30 minutes. Block out time to take lunch for an hour. Block out time to watch a cat video that makes you laugh. That time out to rejuvenate yourself is also a source of inspiration for continuing to push the business further. Burnout is a real problem and for us, it's not a problem we want to have.

This desire to spend a balanced time with ourselves but also still knowing we are giving 150% to the business is what inspired us to come up with our initial campaign of “Take a Mental Vacation”. We are all stressed. There is a global pandemic. There is anxiety about wearing masks. What information out there is factual, and who should we trust to get the correct information? Countries are under quarantine. Others are not allowing foreign travelers through their borders. The option to escape from all that anxiety and stress is taken from us and so we say staycation. Stay and take a mental vacation to a place only your mind can go. Learn to slow down, meditate, breathe deep, smell the roses (or our fragrances). We believe with the right sounds & smells, we can get you there. 


Gena & Marlene