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PART 1 for Incense & Pepper: SPOTIFY x 024 x ANTHONY BABER

In the pursuit of better wellness and positivity, it’s more important than ever to acknowledge every individual thing that brings you joy. Eat well, stay active, and find ways to be creative, but as so eloquently professed by EPMD: “You Gots To Chill”. And that means considering all the ways that your home or personal space affects your senses. The right scent or fragrance can go a long way in helping create that supremely comfortable or idyllic environment, especially if you wanna cover a particular odor that’s hanging in the air. 😉

But if you’re really trying to take control of the vibes, you’ve got to exercise control over more than just your nose. You’ve got to find the right drink to settle in, surround yourself with the ideal visuals, maybe even mess around with some musical instruments. In hopes of getting things moving in the right direction, I’ve put together playlists that you can pair with 024’s signature experience set, and some ideas on how to keep everything in balance.

Incense & Pepper will help you focus on the natural and spiritual. Pour yourself a cup of green tea and tend to your garden, both figurative and literal. Spend some time in your mind and let the music aid the meditation. This is a great place to lean into some wavy psychedelic sounds and alter the lighting. You might zone out staring at your lava lamp while FKJ or Keita Juma plays. 

We’re going for more vibrant than funky, so you’re gonna want to get extra relaxed. Get all the yoga mats, floor pillows, and butt-shaped padding you can find, because you need to be able to bliss out completely. If you like your hip hop to vibe low, there’s Pink Siifu, Iman Omari, and an MF Doom instrumental for some gentle head nodding.

 To promote greater focus on synchronicity, there are a wealth of collaborations, like Taylor McFerrin’s remix of a Hiatus Kaiyote song that adds in an Anderson Paak verse, or tracks by supergroups like Soft Hair (LA Priest & Connan Mockasin) and Broken Social Scene (everybody in Toronto).  

And after all that astral traveling you can wind down with some atmospheric psych-rock from Khruangbin and a gentle arrangement by Ehiopian jazz great Mulatu Astatke.

Anthony Baber ANTHONY BABER is a contributing writer & releasing a playlist a week for 024 until the end of the month. He is an avid talker, sometimes writer, and semi-professional music nerd. Find him and follow him at @AstronautJonez 

Listen to the playlist here.