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PART 3 for Forbidden Fruit: SPOTIFY x 024 x ANTHONY BABER

Lastly, Forbidden Fruit is all about exploring passions and finding warmth in everything. You thrive on deep connections and can rarely be found with an empty wine glass. There’s no better way to open up the emotional floodgates than by exploring the reaches of soul music, whether it’s the Southern rap inflections of Big KRIT or Little Beaver’s 70s soul classic “Get Into the Party Life”.

For those who struggle more with complicated feelings of love, you can turn to a bit of tenderness. Take out your journal and put pen to paper so those feelings have somewhere to go. There’s some hypnotic dreampop from Joviale, as well as an aptly titled track from California songwriter Jay Som. But if you’re looking to go atmospheric and blissful, the prime selection is found in the pairing of hip hop soothsayer Teebs and experimental indie producer Panda Bear on “Studie”.

Odds are your record collection has grown as of late, whether for beloved album artwork or just to find those selections that’ll spark a conversation. It could surround the origins of enigmatic funk-soul band Sault, whether Wings was all about Paul McCartney, or Logic getting Mac DeMarco production on the soundtrack of his novel. It’s not simply about the music, but the stories that follow artistic minds as they craft each soundscape.

What’s most notable, though, is your skill in the art of seduction. Sometimes it’s done through words, other times it’s sparked by imagery, and occasionally you’ll go deep into that bag of tricks. Sure Galcher Lustwerk hits you with dark and pulsating production, Benny Sings takes you somewhere tropical on “Coconut”, and you even get a track from Confessions-era Usher. But seduction is most effectively wielded by the female artists here, including Ravyn Lenae’s melodic brand of neo-soul, Feist’s piano-driven indie pop, and the timeless and sensual jazz-soul blend of Sade.

There are so many ways to improve your overall mood and state of mind, and you might not feel drawn to journaling or pottery or butt-shaped floor pillows. But finding the right scents and sounds is a good place to start. The rest is up to you.

ANTHONY BABER is a contributing writer & releasing a playlist a week for 024 until the end of the month. He is an avid talker, sometimes writer, and semi-professional music nerd. Find him and follow him at @AstronautJonez 

Listen to the playlist here.