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The 024 Signature Experience Set

Be one of the first to embark on a whole new world of elevated fragrance.

We all thought 2020 would look a lot different than it does—and no matter what your circumstance, you’re likely in need of a breather. That’s why we’re elevating our sampling to a different level.

The 024 Signature Experience Set will transport you to a place of relaxation.

Our friends at The Dojo Upstate created a 3D Sensory Meditation to guide you to that place of calm.

Together we created a beautiful marriage of sound and scent.

Remember, while we can't control life, we can control our senses. Ironically, all it takes is a little letting go.

We want this to be an experience for everyone, so your set and the meditation that comes with it costs $10. But before you call us out for being tricksters, hear this: that cost turns into a credit for your future, full-sized purchase.

What you’ll get:

Three 1 oz. wax melts in our Signature Collection in the following fragrances: Cannatonic, Forbidden Fruit, Incense & Pepper

A QR code for your exclusive 024 x DOJO UPSTATE Sound Meditation.


Dojo Upstate is a 3D Sound Studio located in the woods of the Hudson Valley written about in NYT, Vogue, and Goop. They are using sound as a tool to explore heightened awareness, facilitating moments of peace, clarity, insight and relaxation.

All sales for The 024 Signature Experience Set are final.